Protest spotlight

January 16, 2018 at 10:01 AM

(This occasional feature highlights protests decided by the Government Accountability Office.)

Agency: Army

Awardee: M1 Support Services

Protester: DynCorp International

What GAO found: DynCorp International protested the Army's award of an aircraft maintenance and support services contract to M1 Support Services, taking issue with the service's evaluation of past performance and experience.

DynCorp, M1 and two other offerors submitted bids to the service, according to GAO's decision. DynCorp and M1 received very similar ratings, but DynCorp offered a lower price of $4.95 billion, compared to M1's $5.04 billion.

“Although DynCorp and M1 each received a rating of outstanding under the most important technical factor, the agency concluded that M1’s proposal under this most important factor was superior to that of DynCorp,” GAO writes. “Among other things, the source selection authority (SSA) noted that M1’s proposal offered 191,400 additional flight hours, with an associated [net monetized opportunity cost benefit value] of $876.3 million, as compared to DynCorp’s proposal offering 156,700 additional flight hours, with an associated NMOCBV of $328.7 million.”

DynCorp challenged the NMOCBV analysis, arguing it was inconsistent with the solicitation. GAO notes that the company also contended it had an extensive past performance record, while M1 had little experience.

GAO denied the protest, writing that it was without merit.

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