Quick Review

/ January 15, 2009 at 5:00 AM

William Lynn, president-elect Obama's nominee to be the Pentagon's No. 2 official, said today that the new Defense Department leadership plans three large-scale reviews of program and budgets including a scrub of war costs, the base budget and the Quadrennial Defense Review.

Lynn told the Senate Armed Services Committee during his opening remarks at his confirmation hearing this morning that, if confirmed by the Senate for the job, he plans to examine the balance of the fiscal year 2009 war cost request, look at the fiscal year 2010 defense budget proposal and ensure “expeditious completion” of the Quadrennial Defense Review.

He said the QDR will be used to set a new blueprint to “lay out an effective force” to deal with a wider range of security challenges, including boosting capabilities to deal with irregular operations.

More on the QDR:

-- Jason Sherman