Air Force seeks advanced technologies for new counter-A2/AD weapon

By Sara Sirota / January 8, 2020 at 4:45 PM

The Air Force is looking to integrate a warhead, fuze and other technologies into the Stand-in Attack Weapon, a new missile intended to thwart anti-access/area-denial targets, according to a notice the service published today.

SiAW's program office also intends to add an active radar homing guidance system and a universal armament interface message set to ready the weapon for its threshold aircraft -- the F-35. It further seeks development of other capabilities that can respond to future threats, the notice states.

The Air Force is modeling SiAW -- a fiscal year 2018 new-start program -- on the Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile-Extended Range system that Northrop Grumman is building for the Navy.

Per its FY-20 budget documents, the Air Force anticipates needing more than $840 million for SiAW's research and development over the next five years. It budgeted $18 million for the program in FY-18 and FY-19.

The service is looking for capability statements from potential sources and not seeking proposals. Responses are due by Jan. 21.