Army seeking radio frequency EW solutions for Project Linchpin

By Dan Schere / June 20, 2024 at 11:45 AM

The Army issued a request for information this week focused on radio frequency/electronic warfare object detection and recognition, with the goal of identifying companies that will "support enterprise model training."

The RFI would be used to support Project Linchpin, which is the Army’s first pipeline for artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The Army has recently placed a greater emphasis on EW capabilities as the service pivots to large-scale combat operations and addresses the need to provide information to commanders at echelon quickly, the RFI notes.

The Army aims to identify companies that can develop models that are “integrated and deployed in various form fit factors in the tactical environment.” The government is asking for companies to submit white papers of no more than seven pages by July 15.

Separately, the Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM) issued another RFI on June 3 that seeks solutions around “multilayered deliberate and dynamic targeting and battle damage assessment for both kinetic and non-kinetic effects.” That notice aims to find solutions that leverage AI/ML for capabilities such as targeting that can be done by computers faster than humans.

The June 3 notice will be used to fund “software augmentation capabilities” that would reside in the Tactical Intelligence Targeting Access Node (TITAN) ground stations, according to a statement from the DEVCOM C5ISR center provided to Inside Defense June 18. Those capabilities could also be used in the Army Intelligence Data Platform, Electronic Warfare Planning and Management Tool and Joint Targeting Integrated Command and Coordination Suite (JTIC2S), according to DEVCOM.

Among the initial use cases that Project Linchpin will support are TITAN and large language models that will be used to support the Army Intelligence Data Platform, service officials have said. The Army awarded Palantir a prototyping contract for TITAN in March.

Companies must respond to the DEVCOM RFI by July 18. Within 30 days of that deadline, all submissions will be reviewed, and top candidates will be notified for a follow-on meeting, according to the Army. An industry day is not currently planned.