CACI group zeroes in on research and development

By Marjorie Censer / February 11, 2020 at 12:29 PM

More than 90% of CACI’s research and development funding is being spent in its national security and innovative solutions sector, now led by Kevin Kelly, who was chief executive of LGS Innovations before it was acquired by CACI.

In an interview with Inside Defense earlier this month, Kelly said CACI liked LGS’ model, which was focused on heavy R&D investment.

CACI is using incubator programs to further technologies identified through an annual innovation initiative. The company produces a tech journal that compiles its R&D projects, Kelly said.

“It has further fortified the innovation culture,” he said.

Kelly said CACI is putting significant research attention on multi-mission platforms.

“The soldier or the covert agent is being overwhelmed with one-off solutions that all require network and battery and storage,” he said. The government is “asking industry to combine more of the functionality into fewer platforms -- ideally, into a single platform.”

“That’s where our investments have been going recently is combining all that functionality into multi-mission,” Kelly added.