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Highlights from Inside the Pentagon

By Tony Bertuca  
March 8, 2018 at 11:20 AM

Here are some must-reads from this week's edition of Inside the Pentagon:

1. The Pentagon is planning to award a single indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contract for commercial cloud services in September, sticking with a sole-source acquisition strategy highly criticized by some in industry late last year.

Full story: Pentagon will award single IDIQ contract for commercial cloud

2. It could take at least 10 years and billions of dollars for the Defense Department to achieve a clean audit, though the department can begin seeing benefits from the process far sooner, according to Pentagon Comptroller David Norquist.

Full story: Pentagon comptroller: Clean audit could take 10 years

3. The Defense Department is considering options to bundle U.S. orders for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter into multiyear contracts with Lockheed Martin as soon as fiscal year 2021, potentiality consolidating annual purchases of about $11 billion for nearly 100 aircraft into mega-deals that would provide industrial base stability and notionally yield savings compared to yearly contracts.

Full story: DOD: FY-21 is earliest chance to begin bundling U.S. F-35 orders