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The INSIDER daily digest -- Sept. 12, 2017

September 12, 2017 |
John Liang

A big budget document obtained by Inside Defense leads off this Tuesday INSIDER Daily Digest.

Inside Defense obtained a "consolidated anomalies list" of programs the Pentagon hoped to fund if a lawmakers pass a continuing resolution:

Pentagon sends White House detailed list of budget priorities threatened by Capitol Hill stalemate

The Defense Department last month sent the White House a detailed list of acquisition program priorities it had hoped to fund at the beginning of fiscal year 2018 in the event Congress passed a stopgap budget measure restricting spending levels and prohibiting new programs, according to documents obtained by Inside Defense.

Document: DOD's consolidated anomaly list for OMB


Pentagon's CR anomaly list included munitions increases, cyber resiliency efforts

Among the programs the Defense Department hoped would be spared under the recently passed continuing resolution are a number of Air Force new-starts and production increases, including key munitions programs and cyber resilience efforts.

Lawmakers don't much like the Air Force thinking about scrapping recapitalization of the Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System:

Air Force considers scrapping JSTARS recap, lawmakers protest

The Air Force is considering new options for the next generation of E-8C Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System capabilities that could mean ending the recapitalization effort, a service spokeswoman confirmed to Inside Defense Tuesday.

Document: Senators' amendment on JSTARS

Document: Senators' letter to DOD on JSTARS

The Pentagon wants to award transportation contracts in Afghanistan, despite some legal wrangling:

U.S. government seeks to move ahead with Afghanistan transportation contracts

In a new court document, the U.S. government is arguing it must move forward with task orders with CHI Aviation and Columbia Helicopters to execute President Trump's strategy for Afghanistan.

Document: Court documents on Afghanistan airlift support services

The Army's aviation branch chief recently spoke at an AUSA conference:

Gayler calls for 'capability introduction' approach to aviation modernization

The Army has to shift its approach to modernization in order to best prepare for the future fight, according to the service's aviation branch chief.

Navy and Marine Corps leadership have been discussing how the Navy's fleet tactical grid can be overlayed with the Marine Corps Air-Ground Task Force tactical grid:

Navy, Marine Corps assess information sharing across tactical grids

The Navy and Marine Corps are analyzing how the respective services' sensors and systems can share information via a tactical grid, according to an official.

An Army official recently stressed the importance of working outside the traditional acquisition process:

Army looking to utilize innovation from outside groups

The Army is working to find ways to use and gather innovative ideas for technologies, according to Col. Joe Capobianco, the chief of staff in the Army Rapid Capabilities Office.