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MDA adds Boeing to new round of MOKV development

May 15, 2017 |
Jason Sherman

The Defense Department has rounded out its technology risk-reduction plan for the Multi-Object Kill Vehicle, awarding Boeing a $58 million contract in a deal similar to those granted the Pentagon's other two missile-defense powerhouses in March and April -- Lockheed Martin and Raytheon.

On May 12, the Missile Defense Agency awarded Boeing a competitive cost-plus-fixed-fee contract for work to develop a warhead capable of deploying kill vehicles to intercept more than one enemy ballistic missile.

"This contract represents part of the Missile Defense Agency's technology risk-reduction strategy to improve performance and reduce risk for MOKV advanced communications, engagement management, and the discriminating seeker," according to the Pentagon's contract announcement.

On March 9 and April 3, MDA awarded Lockheed Martin and Raytheon contracts to begin new work in support of a Multi-Object Kill Vehicle the government plans to begin turning into a prototype next year in hopes of demonstrating a capability it believes has the potential to "revolutionize" the U.S. missile defense architecture by flipping the current paradigm, which is limited to a single kill vehicle per warhead.

The MOKV aims to provide a capability to deal with threats expected as soon as 2025 and be compatible with existing boosters in the Ballistic Missile Defense System architecture, including the Ground-based Interceptor, Standard Missile-3, and Terminal High Altitude Area Defense systems.