Congress poised to jettison FY-17 defense supplemental to avoid shutdown

Tony Bertuca | March 29, 2017

Lawmakers, fearing a government shutdown or a yearlong continuing resolution that would freeze spending at previous-year levels, have begun discussing a path forward that would leave the bulk of the Trump administration's proposed $30 billion defense spending increase for fiscal year 2017, according to officials and sources.


Heritage recommends authorizing additional Army end-strength increases for FY-18 NDAA

Connie Lee | March 29, 2017

Lawmakers should consider authorizing the Army to restore active troop levels to "well above" 500,000 soldiers and provide the means for the service to modernize its systems, according to a new report from the Heritage Foundation.

Navy pushing for new directed-energy system, but won't discuss specifics

Justin Doubleday | March 29, 2017

The Navy will deploy a new laser weapon within "the next couple of years," according to the chief of naval operations, who declined to discuss the specific capabilities and schedule of the envisioned system.
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Navy sending defective Growler to Boeing for evaluation after pilots report 'physiological episodes'

Lee Hudson | March 29, 2017

The Navy is in the process of sending a defective EA-18G Growler back to Boeing for evaluation because of "physiological episodes" being reported by pilots at a base in Washington state.

Air Force nuclear chief: Mattis wants nuclear review completed within six months

Rachel Karas | March 29, 2017

Air Force Lt. Gen. Jack Weinstein said this week Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has instructed the military to complete a nuclear posture review in six months -- a time line that could mean the process wraps up around the time the Air Force awards the next phase of nuclear missile modernization.

Pentagon directs start of potential new major weapon system program to replace F-22A

Jason Sherman | March 28, 2017

The Obama administration's Pentagon -- in one of its last official acts -- directed the Air Force in January to begin work on a new Penetrating Counterair capability, kicking off an analysis of alternatives for its Next-Generation Air Dominance program that aims to develop a follow-on to the F-22A Raptor, the U.S. military's marquee twin-engine, stealth fighter.

Defense Business Alert

Attorneys establish government contracting boutique firm

Several government contracting attorneys and former government officials have created a new boutique law firm focused on contracting issues, including False Claims Act and international contracting cases.

Defense Budget Alert

Mattis promises new Pentagon reforms to balance call for additional spending

Seeking tens of billions in additional defense spending, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is also promising to bring organizational reforms to the Pentagon as members of Congress express concerns about whether the Defense Department is appropriately managing its budget.